I offer you imagination, magic and really hard work.

“Pizzaz” if you will.

What is a creatrix? It is a woman who creates. A creatrix is deeply connected to herself and that which she creates.

I'm creative leader that loves finding simple and elegant solutions for companies to establish or grow their brand.

I believe good design is not enough. I believe in the power of: typographic resonance, speaking up, a strong grid (and knowing when to break it), simplicity, sincere curiosity of everything, happy accidents, the communal effects of fire, traveling, earth as medicine, sharing meals, getting my hands dirty and laughing. Loudly.

I wrote this post on design that people seemed to really enjoy.

Sometimes I organize things like this just for fun.

I may or may not have had something to do with this.

I also style photoshoots

An extremely positive and creative force.
— Someone she worked with once
In the short time that I’ve known Laura, she has been pooped on by an animal, twice.
— Brad Dubs
...by far the favorite designer I have ever had the privilege of working with.
— Someone else she worked with